Infomancy n. 1.The field of magic related to the conjuring of information from the chaos of the universe. 2.The collection of terms, queries, and actions related to the retrieval of information from arcane sources.


July 12th, 2009 by infomancy

Here are four questions, presented publicly on the AASL Forum to continue the discussion about the standards. 1) Given the confusion between the very limited actual permissions granted and the much more open permissions that AASL thinks are provided for use of the standards, can you help clarify what the desired level of permission for [...]

A Followup on the Standards

July 11th, 2009 by infomancy

The problem is that [a really cool desire to use the standards] is exactly why I brought up this issue for discussion. Under AASL’s current permissions for use, you CANNOT use the language. CANNOT put the standards into Rubicon Atlas (or another curriculum mapping program). CANNOT even link to the pdf document on your website [...]

AASL Restricts (Eliminates?) Use of Standards

July 10th, 2009 by infomancy

This past Wednesday, I led a professional development workshop for librarians in the School Library System where I work. We had a professional book discussion around the two new AASL publications; Standards for the 21st Century Learner in Action and Empowering Learners. Overall, the response to these two books was very positive. Kudos (and many [...]

Omar Wasow – Libraries in the Age of Google

October 27th, 2007 by infomancy

Omar Wasow is closing the AASL 2007 conference with a discussion of what we must do to thrive in the age of Google/Amazon/Whatever. We cannot beat these companies, but we can succeed by remaining focused on our core values. School libraries are about critical thinking and information fluency – these are the critical tools for [...]

Inquiry in History (ABC-CLIO)

October 27th, 2007 by infomancy

Alice Yucht is leading a presentation for ABC-CLIO on working with social studies teachers to address historical inquiry. The ABC-CLIO resources have become quite popular in the region I serve, so I was very glad to have a chance to learn more about them. Alcie is starting with a review of historical inquiry and how [...]