Infomancy n. 1.The field of magic related to the conjuring of information from the chaos of the universe. 2.The collection of terms, queries, and actions related to the retrieval of information from arcane sources.

One way to push infomancy

June 18th, 2005 by infomancy

Well, we could just go ahead and put advertising in text books so that students would have to become infomancers to clearly distinguish the stilted, biased, agenda-driven text from the ads.

Thanks to Casey from The SpecialEducator for pointing out this new idea from just North of here (well, West then North until they get the fast ferry up and running again at the end of the month).

2 Responses to “One way to push infomancy”

  1. Linda Fox Says:

    Chris. I saw this article too. And, jades as I am after 28 years in public education , I am only surprised that they haven’t tried this sooner. This issue came up a while ago when libraries were buying those M&M and Cheerios books for their collections. You will still find those little books on the shelves of some of your school libraries…..
    Wonder if Pepsi would like to fund a School Library System???

  2. Christopher Harris Says:


    Oh my. The conflict. Pepsi ads in books, bad. Pepsi endowed library media specialist, well…