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Want a sexier Office?

November 30th, 2006 by infomancy

If you want a sexier office, you have a couple of options that depend greatly on personal preferences (not to mention the boundaries of propriety). If, however, you are looking for a sexier Office – by which I mean Microsoft’s Office Suite, or at least Word and Excel – then this is the post with all the answers.

Office, an application suite that hasn’t been sexy since we became unimpressed by the ability to insert a word in the middle of a sentence, took a huge leap forward today on the cool chart. The problem, at least for Microsoft, is that they had nothing to do with the rebirth of their own software. The reinvigorating update, as reported today on TechCrunch, comes instead from one of my favorite online application companies, Zoho.

Zoho’s new Microsoft Office Plug-In makes it possible for you to have your documents and use them too. Recognizing the need for bloated full-featured office suite at times, Zoho’s plug-in makes it possible for you to still step away from the office and have full access to your documents and spreadsheets. While it may be easier for me to just use Word when I am sitting at my desk, it will be very handy to be able to “open,” “save,” and “add to ZohoWriter” directly from Word.

For application in the school world, think about this as a replacement for students moving documents between school and work with physical storage. While it does require home internet access to work, the added bonus is that it would work anywhere with internet access. Add to that the bonus of not having to worry about a student loosing a disk or drive.

For now the plug-in works with Word and Excel, but TechCrunch reports that PowerPoint integration is coming soon. I just can’t wait to see what Zoho comes up with next!

2 Responses to “Want a sexier Office?”

  1. Arvind Says:

    Thanks for writing about the plug-in! Glad that you liked it. Yes, it will be of very good use for students. And watch out for more from Zoho :-)

  2. Christopher Harris Says:

    Actually, on second viewing (and figuring out just what it does) the Desktopize customization would be quite nice in school and public libraries as well. Imagine the situation. A patron walks in to a public library and needs to word process a document. They could use Word and a usb drive, but some libraries don’t allow external storage devices for fear of viruses. Or, what if our patron doesn’t have the money for a usb drive?

    Like the Office plug-in, desktopize provides another solution for access and storage. In this case, he Zoho Desktopize application installs locally and provides desktop shortcuts to Zoho Writer, Sheet and Show. The application launches a mini-browser in a simple window and connects you to the Zoho app chosen. Which means…double-click here to open Zoho Writer. Pretty cool, not only for what it does, but also for making the otherwise edgy idea of an online word processor look more comfortable to first-time users.

    I can’t wait to see what else Zoho comes up with!