Infomancy n. 1.The field of magic related to the conjuring of information from the chaos of the universe. 2.The collection of terms, queries, and actions related to the retrieval of information from arcane sources.

Questions I would ask

September 20th, 2007 by infomancy

If I had to join an e-mail list and ask a question for class, here are some I might toss out…

  • How are you marketing and branding your library to maintain visibility in your school?
  • What are your primary tools for continued professional development, and how do you squeeze those activities in to an otherwise overwhelming schedule?
  • What will be my biggest challenge as a first year librarian, and what can I do now in library school to better prepare myself?
  • How would you define your relationship with the “reading teachers” in your school, and how might you like to see that relationship change?

And thank you to Bob Hassett for reminding me to reframe my frustration as a productive piece of writing.

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