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Question about 2.0 Job Descriptions

February 8th, 2008 by infomancy

I got a question today about writing Library 2.0 focused job descriptions. Here is the advice and links I was able to provide:

The best place I can send you is a series of posts Michael Stephens (Tame the Web) did for ALA’s TechSource blog. I was actually one of the people he interviewed for the third part as we were going through some hiring and looking for a 2.0 type of person. We ended up not being able to change an existing job description much, but made sure we hired for the 2.0 way of thinking.

Some of the interview questions we asked:
-What does Library 2.0 mean to you, and how would you explain it to a school administrator?
-Assuming they are not already in use, what are two web tools or resources you would love to share?
-A large part of this job involves providing support and professional development. How would you define RSS using plain English as part of a workshop for teachers or librarians who are new to the concept?
-How did you prepare for this interview? (I want to hear about online research and tapping a social network)
-With any change comes the risk of failure. What comes to mind when I use the word failure? Followup: How have your strengths and weaknesses contributed to or supported you during a past failure?

That last one is my personal favorite. The team I lead is very flexible and comfortable with change and having to readjust when things don’t work because we aren’t afraid to fail. Failure is an opportunity to learn and make things better. I don’t mean we like to fail, we are all pretty obsessive about success and over-delivery on promises. However, we aren’t paralyzed by the fear of failure to the point of continuing down a safe path (or even a doomed path) just because change brings additional risk. Perhaps this is another way of defining “play” which is one of the verbs that is really critical in this.

Michael Stephens’ ALA TechSource posts on 2.0 Job Description:
Part 1Part 2Part 3

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