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An Important Resource – The Wall, Digitized

March 26th, 2008 by infomancy

This morning on Digital Reshift, I wrote a review of’s digitization of the Vietnam Veterans Memorial. Given our current involvement in a conflict that threatens to extend onward into an increasingly tangled mess as we acknowledge the passing of 4,000 lives and five fruitless years, I found this new resource very touching. To explore the lives lost before forces us to again question the sacrifices being made for unclear or inaccurate goals.

Footnote’s interactive version of The Wall makes the scope of the loss more clear. The almost 17,000 service members killed in their first year of service. Almost 12,000 service members under 20 who died. Over 17,000 spouses left alone. Too many names.

I support those who serve. But there are too many names in the index already.

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