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The New Base Expectations

October 22nd, 2010 by infomancy

The traditional written essay accompanying an application for prospective teachers and teacher-librarians is not enough. The ability for a future educator to write a coherent essay must be one of our most base expectations. What we need applicants to prove is that they can produce in other media as well.

Applications to library and education programs should require podcast or video segments. But Chris, what if our prospective students don’t know how to podcast or produce videos? Well, if you expect to turn those potential students into teachers within a few short years, hadn’t they better be coming in to the program with some ability to already teach themselves?

If you want to provide support, give them a sample podcast and video that provides meta-instruction on how to create media in those formats.

“Hello, prospective student. This podcast will teach you how to create a podcast. I am recording this using . As you will notice, I used the editing capabilities of the software to remove any pauses or stutters in my recording. Please make sure that your submitted podcast meets the same professional level…”

If we want education and school librarianship to move forward, then it is time to set new expectations for base performance.

One Response to “The New Base Expectations”

  1. whitney Says:

    This is the kind of thinking we need, I love it. And I say that as someone who is in an MLS program now, and has had to teach her classmates how to use a basic online chat program.